Michal Kohút - Lines
Lines (2016)
Rocket drawing.

untitled (2013)
Interactive apparatus. Camera that takes a picture whenever I blink.

ignition4 (2013)
An action painting with 200 rocket-propelled markers.

Michal Kohút - Akoya Montana
Akoya Montana (2012)
A unique pearl necklace for my girlfriend made from the material I found in a graffiti area.

Michal kohút - Pokouším se usnout
Trying to fall asleep (2011)
Air tank, regulator
I am trying to fall asleep under the water level.

Michal kohút - ignition5
ignition5 (2011)
Action painting based on rocket-propelled markers.
Award for the Best Student Work in 2010/11, AAAD.

Michal Kohút - G207
G207 (2010)
An intervention in the gallery space.
The night before my exhibition, I destroyed the gallery in secret and cleared the whole place.
After the exhibition was over, I secretly rebuilt the gallery. All the objects, which meanwhile
got into the space that previously existed as a gallery, suddenly became exhibits.

Michal Kohút - 0,1
0,1 (2010)
The lights in the room are temporarily turned off whenever the person wearing
the glasses blinks. It all happens so fast that the person wearing the glasses
does not even notice the change.

Michal Kohút - Song of joy
Song of joy (2009)
Music-boxes connected to skateboard wheels.

Light specific (2009)
A site-specific installation. color filters, sunlight.
Color filters placed in the windows create a colorful mosaic in the corridor.

Wagon fort (2009)
An invasive installation. Shopping carts, coins.
A paraphrase on the late medieval battle tactics of the Husitess
(army rebels of Czech history), who used wagons to form a wall.

Preludium, 2009
Preludium (2009)
Droplets of melting snow fall onto the stones of xylofone,
and thus emit subtle sound compositions.
Award for the Best Student Work in 2008/09 Summer Term,
Department of Fine Arts, AAAD.

May (visualizaton, 2008)
A competition for the city of Tábor.

Kinetic object (2008)
Toy car, electronics

T.G.M.memorial (visualization, 2008)
3rd place in a competition for the city of Benešov.